M2U Pay Snap & Sell

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Note: Please be advised that this service is no longer available. We regret any inconvenience caused.

M2U Pay Snap & Sell

Introducing the M2U Pay Snap & Sell mobile application as the latest innovation that combines the simplicity of smartphone photography with the convenience of personal online commerce, featuring the secured online transaction services.

You can now sell items on Facebook or Twitter and offer social media buyers the convenience to transact via M2U Pay Snap & Sell. Sellers are now in the favour of convenience to manage sales and enjoy the benefit of receiving push notification with date and time, buyer’s name, email and amount once payment is made. So, buyers can just skip the hassle to send proof of payment!

How convenient! Snap, share and sell almost anything!

It's available via App Store and Google Play

Download Now

Download Now

Sellers, what you have to do is just follow the simple steps below.

  1. Launch M2U Pay Snap & Sell app.

  2. Enter Maybank2u Username and Password.

  3. Snap a picture of item to sell or retrieve from gallery.

  4. Key in details of the item.

  5. Accept the Terms and Conditions.

  6. Once completed, the M2U Pay Snap & Sell URL link will be created.

  7. Share the M2U Pay Snap & Sell URL link on Facebook or Twitter.

  8. Photo and description of the item will be automatically posted on Facebook or Twitter together with M2U Pay Snap & Sell URL link.

Buyers, you can just follow the simple steps below and enjoy the convenience of online shopping! 

  1. Buyers will view the item posted on Facebook or Twitter.

  2. Click on the URL link to purchase the item.

  3. Enter Maybank2u Username and Password.

  4. Select your debiting account.

  5. Enter shipping address, mobile number and additional notes to seller (optional).

  6. Enter TAC.

  7. Complete checkout for payment.


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