Pre Departure Account Opening in Australia

This channel facilitates your account opening with international banks prior to your departure. Choose the country of your university or employer and complete the account opening form to have your account ready while you are still in Malaysia.

About National Australia Bank

Known locally as NAB, National Australia Bank is one of Australia's largest banks and is ranked as the safest Australian bank and number 17 overall World's Safest Bank*.

Why open an account before you arrive in Australia?

Opening your Australian bank account before you arrive offers you a number of benefits:

Australian banking in 3 easy steps

Australian banking in 3 easy steps

 Step 1 Apply online, it only takes 10 minutes
We don't need copies of your identification or any other documents at this stage, but we will need to check them once you arrive in Australia.
 Step 2You'll receive a welcome email with your account details including your named banker's contact information and branch location. You can choose to transfer funds into your account at your convenience before you arrive.

Please note that you can deposit funds into your account, however withdrawals can't be made until you arrive and pass the necessary identification requirements, which differ in each country.
 Step 3Arrive in Australia and meet your banker to be formally identified. Once you have successfully provided proof of your identity as required by Australian law, your banker will activate your account and provide you with your new bank cards. You will now be able to access any funds you had transferred before you left home.

NAB's pre-arrival accounts

NAB Classic Banking

The standard account NAB offers is the NAB Classic Banking account which you can pay funds into directly from overseas.

The NAB Classic Banking account features:

NAB iSaver

You can combine your NAB Classic Banking Account with a NAB iSaver, a high interest online savings account which you can pay funds into directly from overseas.

The NAB iSaver features:

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*Comparison of long-term credit ratings and total assets of the 500 largest banks - Global Finance Magazine 2014. NAB recommends you consider the terms and conditions, Product Disclosure Statement or other disclosure document, available from NAB, before making any decisions regarding any of the products above. These products are issued by National Australia Bank Ltd ABN 12 004 044 937 AFSL 230686. Any advice contained in this brochure has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on any advice in this brochure, NAB recommends that you consider whether it is appropriate for your circumstances.

**Visa Debit Card only available to customers aged 18 or over. 1. iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc. 2. Android is a registered trademark of Google Inc. 3. Terms and conditions available on application. Interest rates are subject to change. The NAB iSaver account must be linked to a NAB Classic Banking account. Transfer of funds from the NAB iSaver is only available through a linked NAB account. There are no transfer fees between the iSaver and the linked NAB Classic Banking account. 4. Access to funds in the NAB Classic Banking account will be available after verification of your identity at a NAB branch in Australia. Your account can receive funds, however withdrawals cannot be made until you arrive and pass the necessary identification requirements.


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