Global ATM System

Global ATM system is a centralized switching and routing of banking transaction between Maybank Group in nine (9) participating countries.

The participating countries are:

This borderless service offers Maybank Group customers the same banking experience as any Maybank branch or Self Service Terminals (SST) facility. It provides convenience and peace of mind whenever customer requires banking services in any of these countries.

Maybank Group customers are able to perform Inter-Country banking transactions at over 3,400 ATMs and other SSTs located in the participating countries.

In addition, the service is provided free of charge and customers could get the cash in domicile (local) currency in the respective country via SSTs. Hence, Maybank Group is able to provide competitive edge for banking and harmonize customer experience i.e. accessibility, ease of use, consistent look and feel when using Maybank Group ATMs.

Maybank is the first Malaysian bank as well as the first ASEAN bank to offer real-time common banking access to its customers across the Globe.


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