Pay bills via Kawanku ATM

A bill payment facility via Kawanku ATMs

Services available:
One-off payment
Bill registration
Payment to registered bills

Paying your bills is now simplified with Maybank PayBills at Maybank ATMs. You can enjoy the convenience of PayBills to more than 80 payee corporations by following the step by step instructions at the ATM. It is a cashless transaction, as your money will be debited from your account and pay to the payee corporation automatically.

The PayBills services available at Maybank ATMs are:

* Applicable to ATMs bearing the Advanced PayBills logo only

One-off payment

(ATMs bearing the Advanced PayBills logo)

  1. This service allows you to enjoy the convenience of paying your bills spontaneously.
  2. Bill registration is not required
  3. Just bring along your bills for easy reference and follow the step by step guided outlined on the ATM screen.

Bill registration

(ATMs bearing the Advanced PayBills logo)

  1. This service allows you to register your bills at the ATM itself.
  2. You are advised to register your bills for your PayBills convenience in the future.
  3. You only need to register once and the details will be recorded in the system

Payment to registered bills

(All Maybank ATMs)

  1. This service allows you to make payment to pre-registered bills at all our ATMs.
  2. Registration can be done via Maybank ATMs bearing the Advanced PayBills logo,, Phone banking and branches.
  3. As your bills have been registered, your PayBills process will be more simplified with all the the details readily available in the system.

How to pay

  1. Go to the nearest Maybank ATM and select "PAYBILLS" on the main menu screen
  2. Select Bill Payment
  3. Select One-off payment / Add Payee / Registered Payment
  4. Select Payee Category (for one-off payment & new bill registration) and follow the next steps
  5. Select Payee Corporation ( for registered bill)
  6. Enter amount
  7. Select the account you wish to make payment from, whether savings or current
  8. Confirmation screen display
  9. Transaction completed

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