M2U Visa Direct

Transfer funds from your Maybank current / savings account to any Visa credit, debit or prepaid card in over 200 countries

Daily transfer limit:

Monthly Transfer Limit:
RM50,000 or 8 transactions per calendar month

Service fee:

From RM10.60 onwards (Inclusive of GST)

Available at:

M2U Visa Direct is a cross border fund transfer service that allows Maybank Savings and Current account customers to perform fund transfers to overseas Visa debit, credit and prepaid cardholders via Maybank2u. The funds are credited directly to the beneficiary's card account where the beneficiary can either perform a cash withdrawal or spend at participating Visa merchants. This service is a value added to Maybank2u customers by providing convenience and fast crediting to more than 200 countries.


Availability of service

24 hours x 7 days*
* except during Maybank2u maintenance hours

Visa Card type (Recipient card)

Speed of crediting fund



More than 200 countries (except Columbia, Cuba, Iran, Israel, USA, Sudan, Syria and Venezuela)

Transfer type

Cross border

Service charges



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