Foreign Telegraphic Transfer (FTT) & Guaranteed OUR (G'OUR)*

Transfer funds worldwide while beneficiary receives full amount for USD/EURO with G'OUR

Daily Transfer Limit:
Via M2U: RM250 - RM30,000 (Individual); RM250 RM49,999 (Business)
Via Branches: No Limit

Service Fee:
From RM10.60 (Inclusive of GST) + Other beneficiary bank / agent charges (If any)

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Who can apply

Countries available

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Guaranteed Our (G'OUR)

Guaranteed amount to beneficiary with FTT via over-the-counter (OTC)

Daily transfer limit for credit to account

Individual: No Limit
Business: No Limit

Transaction fee

OTC Charges: RM31.80 (Service fee RM30.00 + GST RM1.80) and
NOSTRO Agent Charges: USD 30.00 (for USD currency) or EUR 35.00 (for EURO currency)


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