Export Services

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  • Banker's Acceptance (BA)

    Looking for a cost efficient solution to finance your local sales or exports? Look no further, Maybank's Bankerís Acceptance offers you the most competitive ringgit financing

  • Onshore Foreign Currency Loan (OFCL)

    You are dealing mostly in foreign currencies and requires a foreign currency loan to avoid forex risk? Maybank's Onshore Foreign Currency Loan is the answer for you

  • Inward Letters of Credit (ILC)

    You require assurance to your purchases? Maybank Letter of Credit is a solution for your peace of mind

  • Export Credit Refinancing (ECR)

    You are an exporter and require pre and post shipment financing? Export Credit Refinancing is the answer for you

  • Outward Bills for Collection (OBC)

    You need an intermediary to send your shipping documents and perform collection of your sales proceeds timely and efficiently? Maybank can help you with Outward Bills for Collection (OBC)

  • Bills of Exchange Purchased (BEP)

    You need to convert your receivables into cash? Maybankís Bills of Exchange Purchased may able to assist you

  • Open Account Loan (OAL)

    Need a flexible financing solution for your open account purchases? Maybankís Open Account Loan is what you need

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