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Accepted Bill-i

A Shariah-compliant facility that finances underlying domestic or foreign trade transactions as per Bank Negara Malaysia's guidelines. It is formulated on Murabahah (cost plus profit sale) and Bai' al-Dayn (debt trading) principles


A gift awarded voluntarily in return for a loan given


Transfer of funds (debt) from the depositor's (debtor's) account to the receiver's (creditor's) account where a commission may be charged for such a service. It is applicable to remittances


Leasing. The Bank will first purchase the asset required by the customer and subsequently leases the asset to the customer for a fixed charge, as agreed to by both parties

Al-Ijarah Thuman Al-Bai'

Leasing and subsequent purchase. It refers to two contracts undertaken separately and consequentially, i.e. Al-Ijarah (leasing) and Al-Bai (purchase). It is an extension of the principle of Al-Ijarah whereby both parties further agree that at the end of the lease period, the customer will purchase the asset from the Bank at an agreed price with all the lease rentals previously paid constituting part of the price. This concept is applicable for financing of consumer goods and durables


Currency exchange, i.e. buying and selling of foreign currencies


Commissions or fees charged for services

Al-Wadiah Yad Dhamanah

A contract between the owner of funds (account holder) and the Bank for safe keeping purposes. The account holder, as depositor, places his deposits on a trust basis. Maybank, as trustee, guarantees the repayment of the whole amount of deposits or any part thereof upon request


Collateralised borrowing. It refers to an arrangement whereby a valuable asset is placed as a collateral for a debt. The collateral may be disposed of in the event of default. It is being applied for Islamic pawning, currently offered by Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd and Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia Bhd

Auto Finance Centres

Dedicated Sales and Service Centres for Automobile Financial Services products, serving dealers and hirers as well as offering motor insurance sales and road tax renewal

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