Pay your loans/bills online now with our recurring payment via Maybank2u.

Why you should make recurring payment?

  • Hassle free loan and bill payments. No more queues! You can now pay your loans/bills at your convenience.
  • Choose to schedule your loan/bill payments to avoid late payment charges
  • Pay yor loans/bills direct from your savings/current acount
  • No more disturbing calls for reminder
  • Everything at your fingertips

How to make recurring payment?

  1. Login to Maybank2u
  2. Click on "Accounts & Banking"
  3. Select "Bill Payment"
  4. Choose "Add Recurring Payment"
  5. Select "Corporation names"
  6. Enter "Payment Details"
    • "Amount", monthly instalment
    • "First recurring payment date", deduction date to be commenced (advisable on or before monthly instalment date)
    • "Last recurring payment date", deduction date to end
  7. Request "TAC number"
  8. Confirm your payment details by entering a TAC number

If your payment is successful, a "Successful" message will be presented. You can choose to print out an online receipt for future reference.

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