Dear Valued Debit Cardholders,

Kindly take note that effective 20 June 2015, ALL new Debit and Prepaid Cards performing online/e-commerce transactions will be disabled. This move is to prevent fraud and protect customers from becoming victims of transactions performed through our channels such as ATM and online transactions using direct debit and credit card services.

Should there be any fraud transaction for any online/e-commerce purchases at non authenticated / non 3-D e-commerce, Debit and Prepaid Cardholders will be held liable if:

  • They acted fraudulently
  • Disclosed access/pass code to another person
  • Failed to report unauthorized transaction to the bank within reasonable time

However, Debit and Prepaid cardholders can still perform the online/e-commerce transaction by enabling via the following channel:

Phase One - starting 20 June 2015

  • Maybank Group Customer Card 1300 88 6688.

Phase Two - by Quarter 4, 2015

  • Maybank2u
  • ATM

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