Dear valued customers,

From 5 January 2015 onwards, experience the privilege of submitting your EPF withdrawal applications online via e-Pengeluaran facility for loan/financing repayments.

All you need to do is register an i-Akaun holder at the EPF website in order to use the e-Pengeluaran facility and apply for the withdrawal applications where you can choose to reduce/redeem your home loan/financing balance or for monthly installments repayments.

It is safe, fast and easy!

e-Pengeluaran is eligible for:

  • Existing Maybank Housing Loan/Financing customer
  • Existing EPF i-Akaun holder
  • House financed with Maybank is registered with EPF.

Save time and money as e-Pengeluaran lets you:

  • Convenience of online submission that can be done anywhere, at anytime!
  • Housing loan information is obtained online directly from Maybank, and application is auto-approved upon thumbprint authentication at EPF counter. Hence, branch visit is no longer necessary!

Process Flow:

  • Log in to EPF website
  • Sign up for EPF-I account
  • Choose E-Pengeluaran for withdrawal
  • Choose Maybank in drop down button
  • Verify details and submit
  • Receive notification from EPF
  • Visit EPF counter for thumbprint authentification
  • Money will be credited into Savings or Loan Account

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