It has come to Maybank’s knowledge that some members of the public are still receiving e-mails which were first circulated in 2001 on allegations of faulty Maybank ATMs. The e-mail alleges that when a customer enters the right PIN number, a message displays "invalid pin number" and a second attempt would prompt the customer to call a particular number. The e-mail warns that if a customer calls the number (which the email does not provide), the customer will lose the money in his/her account. Maybank had issued a press statement in 2001 informing customers of this e-mail which is untrue. ( 040701.shtml)

Maybank takes a serious view of such malicious e-mails and advises anyone receiving it not to circulate it. Maybank would not hesitate to take the necessary action against any person(s) who generate or propagate such mischievous and malicious allegations.

Maybank would like to emphasise that all ATMs have stringent security measures and if an ATM cardholder incorrectly enters his/her PIN number three times, the ATM access will be deactivated for security reasons. Customers are always encouraged to contact Maybank Customer Care Centre at Tel 1300 88 6688 for any assistance concerning our ATM services.

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