Malaysia's favourite drink, teh tarik is easily available and affordable. Similarly, with Maybank Maxihome Ezy, owning a house becomes easier & more affordable as you can "tarik" your cash flow further with lower monthly payments.


Maybank MaxiHome Ezy is a stepped up easy repayment scheme where you have the option of starting low on their monthly repayments for the first 5 years.

In summary, you only need to service the interest/profit portion of your loan for the 1st 5 years. Full instalment payment commences only from the 6th year onwards.

With Maybank MaxiHome Ezy:

  • You can enjoy lower monthly commitments for 1st 5 years,
  • You have better cash flow management,
  • You have more cash-in-hand during the 1st 5 years to take care of other typical expenses of home ownership e.g. moving-in-expenses, renovations etc...
  • Though you are allowed to pay less initially, the loan is flexible enough to allow you to pay more anytime, without notice and without penalty, to save on interest.
  • The additional payments may be withdrawn easily via m2u or OTC should you need the funds.

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