CMTF-i is a shariah-compliant term financing facilities that provide alternatives to customers to acquire completed or under construction assets such as landed properties (residential and commercial), plant and machinery, vessels and commercial vehicles.

Underlying Assets


Tradable Shariah-compliant commodities such as zinc, tin, lead, palm oil and wheat.


Eligible individual or non-individual customers, local and foreign.


As per existing term financing based on customer's requirements and credibility.


As per the existing pricing for Islamic Term Financing:

  • Variable Rate Financing
    Selling Price Rate
    BFR + 4% or 10%, whichever is higher (for computation of Bank's selling price)
    ii) Effective Date
    BFR + margin / spread (at per with conventional rate)
  • Fixed Rate
    As per the conventional rate. The rate will remain fixed throughout the financing tenor.
  • Combination of both Fixed and Variable Rate


  • Bullet or lump-sum payment.
  • Periodically, i.e. monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly.


As per agreed terms between Bank and customer.


The introduction of CMTF-i will operate with the parameter set by Islamic Financial Service Act (IFSA), ECM and other guidelines issued by Bank Negara Malaysia.


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