Features & Benefits

  • Based on the principle of Murabahah (cost plus profit)
  • The Bank provides home financing to customer via trading of identified Shariah-compliant commodities such as Crude Palm Oil and RBD Palm Olein.
  • Choice of affordable fixed, tiered or variable profit rate
  • No compounding of profit and other charges
  • No early settlement charge / lock-in period penalty
  • Protection of ceiling rate upon the fluctuation of Islamic Base Rate (IBR) throughout tenure
  • Competitive financing rates and margin of financing
  • Lower monthly instalment with the longer payment period of up to 35 years or until the age of 70, whichever comes first
  • Higher financing eligibility of up to 70% of your gross income*
  • Higher financing margin of up to 100% of the value of the house (including capitalisation of related expenses such as MRTT contribution)
  • MRTT coverage, which settles your outstanding mortgage and transfers the title deed to your family in the event of death or total and permanent disability
  • Stamp duty waiver for conversion from Conventional facility
  • Hassle free for the third party financing
  • Granting of rebate for early settlement
  • Minimal documentation compared to other home financing plans
  • Convenient payment options of your instalment via Maybank and Maybank Islamic branches, ATMs, Kawanku Phone Banking, and online via Maybank2u.com

*Terms and Conditions apply

Please use our Maybank Islamic Calculator to help your financing requirements.

Who Can Apply

  • All individuals, joint applicants, residents, and non-residents


  • Financing purchase of residential properties, whether completed or under construction units
  • Refinancing your existing mortgage from another financial institution and save profit
  • Remortgage your residential properties that are free from encumbrances and get extra cash
  • Additional financing for your personal investment needs, any contingencies or home improvements
  • Purchase of vacant land and construction of bungalows thereon
  • Conversion from conventional loan to Islamic financing
  • Restructuring your current mortgage to meet your current financial needs
  • Minimum property value of RM75,000 and a minimum financing amount of RM10,000

Required documents

Please bring along the following documents when you visit our branch:

Compulsory Identity Documents

  • For Residents - NRIC/Identity Card
  • For Non-residents - Latest valid passport & visa/working permit/employment pass
  • For Self-employed Applicants -Please include the business registration form/ Form 24 & 29 with any of the above

Compulsory Property Documents

  • Copy of Sales & Purchase/Booking Receipt or Letter of Offer from Developer
  • Copy of Individual Title Deed
  • Property Valuation Report (for completed properties)

Compulsory Income Evidences

  • For salary earners/gainfully employed - Latest 3 consecutive months salary slips/vouchers, latest 6 consecutive months of commission statement, latest EPF statement, latest EA form, latest 6 months bank statement, and letter of confirmation of employment and remuneration.
  • For self employed (including Sole-Proprietorship, Partnership, Commission earners) - Latest certified/audited financial statements, latest statement of commission Issued by company, latest EPF statements, latest B/BE Form/e-Filing, latest tax payment receipt, latest 6 months bank statements.

Fees and Charges

  • Non-Zero Entry Cost
    The customer pays the legal fees, valuation fees and **stamp duties
  • No trading or brokerage fee
    Customer will not be charged brokerage/ trading fee for the Commodity trading


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