Investment objective

To achieve consistent capital appreciation over a medium to long term by investing in listed equities and other approved investments which harmonise with Islamic philosophy and laws

Investor profile

Medium to long term investors who are risk tolerant and seek higher returns for investments that conform to Shariah principles

Investment strategy

The fund intends to maintain a weighting of between 50% to 95% in listed equities and at least 5% in liquid assets. This tactical asset allocation gives the fund manager flexibility to remain invested during periods of market upturn, or liquidate investments before values are eroded.

While the investment process will be driven by key investment and sectoral themes prevailing in the market at any period of time, the guiding principle to the selection of investment will be Shariah-compliant.

In determining the attractiveness of specific stock ideas based on sectoral themes, fundamental analysis is applied. This analysis will take into account information gathered during company visits, key earnings drivers and earnings revision trends for the company, valuation relative to our estimates of intrinsic value as well as the competency of its management. The fund also favours companies that practise good corporate governance, as they generally command higher market valuation and potentially better returns for investors over a medium investment horizon.

The fund will invest in small to medium capital companies that are likely to develop into future industry leaders. Whilst such companies are normally associated with higher risks, the potential return could also be very rewarding, if the right companies are selected. The fund will dedicate resources through primary research including company visits and developing earnings model in search of these companies.

Whilst the selection of stocks is based on fundamental analysis, timing of purchases and sales will be aided by technical analysis.

The fund will diversify by investing up to 10% of the NAV of the fund or RM10 million, whichever is lower in foreign securities whenever opportunities present themselves.


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