Investment objective

To achieve consistent capital appreciation over a medium to long term through investing mainly in listed Malaysian companies with good growth prospects

Investor profile

Medium to long term investors who are risk-tolerant and seek higher returns for their investments

Investment strategy

The fundamental investment process will be driven by key investment and sectoral themes prevailing in the market at any period in time, and will include but is not limited to a knowledge-based economy.

One of the themes that Malaysia has been actively advocating recently is the development of a knowledge-based economy. The fund emphasises management that harnesses knowledge, innovation and technology into traditional business processes to gain a new competitive edge. The fund believes that these companies generally have higher earnings potential that may translate to better returns for investors.

Knowledge-based companies include those with strong knowledge of market and product positioning, those that improve traditional delivery channels to reach existing and new clients, and those that invest in research and development for new and innovative products to strengthen existing market niches.

Various tools will be used to facilitate the valuation process, including price over earnings ratio, the discount cash flow model and enterprise value over earnings before interest, depreciation and taxation.

The fund will also invest in small to medium capital companies that are likely to develop into future industry leaders. Whilst such companies are normally associated with higher risks, the potential return could also be very rewarding, if the right companies are selected. HWANGDBS Select Opportunity Fund will dedicate resources through primary research including company visits and developing earnings model in search of these companies.


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