Investment Objective

The Fund aims to achieve long term capital appreciation through an investment that is linked to the global energy sector.

Investment Strategy

This Fund seeks to achieve its investment objective by investing up to 100% of its NAV into Malaysian fixed income instruments and up to 10% of its NAV in a derivative instruments in the form of a swap agreement with a counterparty that offers exposure to the performance of a basket of underlying assets ("Underlying") that are linked to the global energy sector

The Trustee

HSBC Trustee Bhd

Approved Fund Size

400 million

Investment Asset Allocation

  • 90% to 100% of NAV - Investment in Malaysian bonds, money market instruments, cash and deposits with licensed financial institutions.
  • Up to 10% of NAV - Investments in a derivative instrument in the form of a swap agreement that will provide the Fund with exposure to the global energy sector

Investment Management & Trustee Fee

1.50% per annum of the NAV of the Fund and 0.08 per annum of the NAV of the Fund

Investment Service Charge

5% of investment amount

Investment Horizon / Tenure

Long Term

Distribution Policy

Distribution if any, will be reinvested after deduction of taxation, if any and expenses


60% S&P GSCI Energy Official Close Excess Return Index (MYR)  and 40% MSCI World Energy Index (MYR)

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