Investment Objective

The investment objective of PRUdana al-ilham is to seek to provide high capital appreciation from Shariah-compliant investments which have the potential of substantial value appreciation*. It is designed to provide investors with an affordable access into a diversified investment portfolio containing undervalued stocks with good growth potential and which adhere to Shariah requirements. The Fund is primarily suited for investors who are sensitive to requirements of the Shariah, seek high capital appreciation and have a moderate to high tolerance for risks and price volatility.

* High returns are generally associated with high investment risks.

Investment Manager

Prudential Fund Management Berhad

Investment horizon / Tenure

0% - 99% of the Fund’s NAV in a diversified portfolio of Shariah-compliant equity and
equity-related securities of undervalued companies which have good growth potential.

Investment Service Charge

5.26% on NAV of the Fund

Investment Management Fee

1.50% on NAV of the Fund

Investment Trustee Fee

0.07% on NAV of the Fund, subject to a minimum of RM18,000 p.a. and a maximum of RM350,000 p.a.


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