The Affin Hwang Dividend Value Fund is Wholesale (feeder) fund under Growth fund type. The Fund aims to achieve capital appreciation over medium to long term period by investing in the Value Partners High-Dividend Stocks Fund ("Target Fund").

The Fund will be investing in a minimum of 70% of the Fund's NAV into the Target Fund and a maximum of 30% of the Fund's NAV into money market instruments, fixed deposits and/or liquid assets.

The Fund is launched on Maybank's platform on 13 July 2015.

The financial year of the Fund ends on 31 March every calendar year.

The Fund Manager is Affin Hwang Asset Management Berhad and the trustee is Deutsche Trustees Malaysia Berhad.

Fund Information

  • Offer Price during the Initial Offer Period is RM0.50 per unit for Class MYR.
  • The Fund is suitable for Qualified Investors who:
    • Seek to have capital appreciation;
    • Have a long term investment horizon; and
    • High risk tolerance.
  • Asset Allocation as follow:
    • Minimum of 70% of the Fund's NAV to be invested in the Target Fund; and
    • Maximum of 30% of the Fund's NAV to be invested in money market instruments, fixed income and/or liquid assets.
  • The Fund's income distribution (if any) is subject to the availability of income, the Fund endeavours to distribute income on a quarterly basis, after the end of its financial year.
  • Sales Charge per unit is up to 5.50% of the NAV per unit.
  • Switching facility is allowed so long the investors meet the minimum holding of units requirements of the Class that they intend to switch into.
  • Transfer facility is allowed for a Unitholder to transfer Units held to another person who must be a Qualified Investor. Transfer fee is Nil.
  • The Redemption Charge is Nil.
  • The Annual Management fee is 1.65% p.a. of the NAV of the Fund.
  • Trustee Fee is up to 0.04% p.a. of the NAV of the Fund, subject to a minimum of RM18,000 p.a. or its equivalent in the base currency of the Fund, whichever is higher, calculated and accrued daily (excluding foreign custodian fees and charges) and is calculated using the Fund's base currency.
  • Minimum Balance of Investment is 60,000 units for Class MYR.
  • Minimum Initial Investment is RM30,000 for Class MYR.
  • Minimum additional investment is RM10,000 for Class MYR.
  • Minimum redemption is 60,000 units for Class MYR.
  • Redemption Period, redemption monies to be paid within ten (10) days after receipt by the Manager of the request to repurchase.
  • Cooling off period, unit holders may exercise cooling-off rights within six (6) business days of making the investment. This is however, only available on your first investment with the Manager.


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