There are 5 ways of paying your premiums, namely:

  1. Autodebit
  2. Autophone
  3. Over the counter
  4. Cheque


Autodebit is the most popular and convenient method of payment for regular premium policies, whereby the premium is automatically deducted from your Maybank account on either the 1st or 15th of the month depending on the Policy Commencement date. The general guidelines for debiting date:

Debiting on the 1st
- For policy commencement dates between 1st and 14th of the month

Debiting on the 15th
- For policy commencement dates between 15th and 28th of the month

E.g.: If your frequency of payment is monthly, and your policy date is on the 5th of January 2000, then debiting would take place on every 1st. However, if the attempt on the 1st were unsuccessful, then the 2nd attempt would be on the 15th.

Applying for Autodebit Service
Please submit a completed Autodebit Application Form to the Company. Prior to submission, the form would be required to be validated and verified by an Authorised Officer at the Branch where your account is maintained, i.e. home branch.

You may also follow these steps if you wish to change the account number or limit for your Autodebit instruction. Once the application has been approved, a confirmation letter will be sent to you to advise that the application has been approved and effected.

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Autophone service allows you to pay your premiums using the telephone, guided by a VoiceMail system. There is no fixed date of payment for this method.

Applying for Autophone Service
Please complete an Autophone Application Form, available at any Maybank branch. The completed application form has to be submitted to an Officer at the Branch where your Account is maintained, i.e. home branch. Once the application is approved, Maybank will send a Letter of Offer to you.

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Over the Counter

You may choose to bank in your premiums over the counter at the nearest Maybank branch.

You would need to do the following:

  • Fill up the Bank in slip (Form CA97)
  • The payee account number should be: 514011 364906 (Etiqa's Account)
  • Under the "Transaction Description Column", please indicate your name
  • Under the "Reference No. Column", please indicate the policy number

If you encounter any difficulties, you may approach a Bank Teller or Financial Executive for assistance.

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Before posting your cheque, please ensure to indicate your name and policy number on the reverse of the cheque. This is required to ensure that the payment gets through and is correctly updated in the policy records.

The cheque should be mailed to:

Etiqa Insurance Berhad
Dataran Maybank
1, Jalan Maarof
59000 Kuala Lumpur


This method of paying for premiums is only available to policyholders who have not opted to use the Autodebit Service. Premiums may be paid one month in advance from the next premium due date.

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There are two options to choose from:
  • Online Insurance - Policy Renewal
    • Payment transactions over this site are only applicable to INFORCE POLICIES (not lapsed or terminated) of which having DUE-DATES fall within the month, and have opted to PAY DIRECT to Etiqa Insurance Berhad
  • Online Bill Payment
    • Payment transactions over this site are applicable to all Etiqa Insurance Policies.

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