• Option to pay in advance all annual contributions payable for the duration of your house financing
  • Pay your single contribution by amortising it over the period of your house financing via single contribution financing
  • Guaranteed acceptance for house financing up to RM150,000 and entry ages up to 50 years on next birthday, subject to a pre-existing condition. No medical examination is needed

Scope of cover

  • Guaranteed benefit to settle your mortgage balance based on the table of reducing sum covered plus a consolation benefit, payable upon death or permanent disablement (within accepted terms)
  • Wider coverage with Liberal Permanent Disablement Definition, that pays out the permanent disablement benefit if you are unable to perform your occupation for a period of six consecutive months, compared to a lifetime in most other MRTA policies
  • Flexible coverage for completed properties and properties under construction (i.e. full level term coverage during the period of construction)
  • 24-hour coverage wherever you are in the world
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