The use of signature for purchase transactions will be phased out once all Cards and payment terminals are upgraded to PIN-enabled Cards and terminals. This is an industry-wide initiative to enhance the security of your Card(s) against unauthorised transactions, counterfeits and fraud activities.

The card is enabled with contactless feature i.e. Visa Paywave, MasterCard® Contactless and MyDebit. You may wave or tap at contactless card reader. Transaction below RM250, PIN is NOT required. Transaction above RM250, PIN number is required.

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Important Notice

Effective 1 July 2017, all Credit and Charge card payments at point of sale terminals and cash advance withdrawal facility in Malaysia must be authorised with a 6-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) as signature will no longer be accepted.

Please contact our Customer Service NOW at 03-79490708 for further assistance if you have not received your PIN and Pay Card.

If you have received your new PIN-enabled Card, do ensure that you have set a PIN for your Card before travelling overseas. As your new Card supports PIN for purchases, some countries may require transactions to be completed with a PIN instead of a signature, and there is a risk of your Card being rejected if you do not enter a PIN when prompted. This is why you must ensure that you have set a PIN for your new Card before leaving Malaysia. However, for countries that have yet to migrate to PIN-based payment, you will be required to sign for verification to complete the transaction.

Actions to be taken in the event of ‘FORGOTTEN PIN':

  • For Maybank2u user, please reset PIN via Maybank2u - Log on > Accounts & Banking > Select Credit/Charge Cards > Choose an Action > Set PIN > Go
  • For non-Maybank2u user, please contact our Customer Service Hotline at 03-7949 0708 to obtain a temporary PIN and change to a permanent PIN at any Maybank ATM globally.

Please click here for the terms and conditions.

Please click here for card usage FAQ (effective 1 July 2017)

Permanent PIN can only be set via

  • Maybank ATMs in Malaysia
  • Maybank2u


Indication of Overseas Markets that are Online PIN capable

The following list is an indication of those markets that support online PIN at POS, and where Malaysian cardholders with PIN enabled cards can be expected to be prompted for PIN at some or all POS terminals within the market. Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and cannot be guaranteed to be completely accurate. Please treat it as an indication only.


Online / Auto Debit Transactions

The new Pin and Pay Card carries a new expiry. Kindly ensure any online / auto debit facilities are updated with the new expiry to avoid any service interruption




Effective 1 May 2017, only the new MyDebit Cardmembers will be able to perform purchase transaction. Please replace your Card now via Maybank2u or Debit Replacement Kiosk. 

Your new Debit Card is now PIN enabled and comes with a contactless feature.

How can I apply for the new "MyDebit" Card?

  • Visit any nearest Maybank branch
  • Apply online via Maybank2u
  • Maybank Debit Kiosk at selected locations

Maybank Debit Kiosk

The Debit Kiosk is a self-service kiosk for customers to replace their Debit Card to the new PIN-enhanced MyDebit Card.

Click here to find out the locations

It is open daily from 8.00am till 10.00pm. Customers are required to bring along their IC / MyKad and existing Debit Card. First time replacement is FREE.

Via Branches

What are the required documents?

Existing Cardmembers are required to bring:

  • Existing Debit Card
  • MyKad (IC)/Police or Armed Forces ID Card / Passport

Via Maybank2u

*Delivery to PO Box is not allowed.

*Delivery to overseas address will take 30 working days.

*Only existing cardmembers are allowed to apply online via Maybank2U. New cardmembers must go to the nearest Maybank branch for a replacement

Please follow the steps below to replace your Debit Card to the new "MyDebit" Debit Card.

  1. Log on to Maybank2u

  2. Click on Card Management

  3. Click on ATM / Debit Card

  4. Verify mailing address and accept terms and conditions

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions

For new customers, click here for more info.

All current Maybank Debit Cards must be replaced with the new enhanced PIN-enabled MyDebit Card soonest possible and no later than 31 December 2016.

*The replacement of the current Debit Card to the new MyDebit Card is at no cost. However, RM12.00 will be charged for subsequent Debit Card replacements.

Please refer to the table below for the types of Debit replacement cards:

*Customers can opt to replace their current Debit Card with the Maybank Debit Picture Card. However, there is a replacement fee of RM26.50. To apply for the picture card, please click here.

Click here
for FAQ

Click here for Debit Card Re-carding via M2U Terms & Conditions

Click here for Leaflet




Your new Prepaid Card requires a PIN request and you may request for PIN via the following channels:


  1. Cardmember to provide MyKad (IC) or Passport for verification.

  2. Once verification is successful, branch staff will assist Cardmember to select PIN using the smart terminal.

  3. Cardmember select preferred PIN on smart terminal.

  4. The preferred PIN selected by the Cardmember will be a permanent PIN.


  1. Log on to Maybank2u.

  2. At home page, select "Account & Banking".

  3. Select "All Cards".

  4. Choose "Select PIN", and click "Go".

  5. Key in preferred PIN and confirm the PIN selected.

  6. Request for TAC, key in TAC and submit request.

  7. Once PIN is successfully selected, a notification message will be displayed on Maybank2u.


  1. Cardmember to call the toll-free number at the reverse side of the Card e.g. 1300 88 6688.

  2. Customer Service Executive (CSE) will verify the Cardmember and confirm mobile registration number.

  3. Temporary PIN will be delivered to the Cardmember's registered mobile number.

  4. Cardmember is required to change the temporary PIN to a permanent PIN at Maybank ATM.


You can change your temporary PIN to a permanent PIN as below:

  1. Insert Prepaid Card.

  2. Select language.

  3. Enter temporary PIN.

  4. Select "PIN Change".

  5. Enter preferred PIN.

  6. Confirm preferred PIN.



Your existing Maybank Credit / Charge Cards will be replaced from 1 April 2016 onwards, in phases. Once you have received your new Card, you may activate and set PIN for the new Card through the channels below.

Activate your Credit / Charge Cards via:

Type ACTV (space) <9 Digits Activation Code> and send to 66628.


Log on to Maybank2u. Select "Card Management" tab. Select the card to activate by clicking "Activate Now".



1. Call 1300 88 6688 (Outside Malaysia call 03-7949 0626)
2. Select preferred language
3. Press *1 for Card Activation & Set PIN



To set PIN

Log on to Maybank2u. Select "Card Management" tab. Select the card to set PIN by clicking "Set PIN Now".


Kindly contact the toll-free number at the reverse side of your Card.



For Merchant FAQ, please click here.

For Quick Guide for PIN terminal, please click here.


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