In line with Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) Credit Card Guidelines introduced on 18 March 2011, the new minimum income eligibility for new credit card holders is set at RM24,000 per annum from RM18,000 per annum previously.

Information on credit card application, number of Cards and Credit Limit

  1. For those holding credit cards and are earning RM36,000 per annum or less, they can only hold credit cards from a maximum of 2 Credit Card Issuers.

  2. In addition, the maximum Credit Limit extended to a cardholder shall not exceed 2 times of their monthly income per Credit Card Issuer.

  3. To ensure our cardholders are meeting this requirement, we recommend you to update or provide your latest income record.

  4. For more details on these new guidelines, please refer to the FAQ's on the credit card application, number of Cards and Credit Limit.

Implementation of SMS Transaction Alerts


Transaction alerts via short message service (SMS) will be sent to credit cardholders effective 1 January 2012 for the following types of transactions:

  • All internet/ card not present transactions
  • Face to face purchase transactions
  • Withdrawal/ cash advance transactions
  • Mail and telephone order transactions (MOTO)
  • First time use of new card

Based on the criteria set by the Bank, the principal card member will receive the SMS alert for transaction(s) on their credit cards including supplementary card(s). Card members who travel overseas may incur international roaming charges.

The Bank strongly encourages you to opt for this SMS transaction alerts. This is to ensure that you continue to enjoy additional security to safeguard and protect your credit cards from fraudulent usage. Hence, we advise you to keep us updated of any changes to your mobile number.

If you did not perform the transaction or find any irregularities in the SMS, please contact the number stated at the back of your credit card immediately.

For more details on SMS Transaction Alerts, please refer to the enclosed FAQ.


Year End Statement (YESOC)

YESOC is the last statement of the year that provide our card member with information on the total transactions, total interest and total other fees imposed to encourage prudent use of the credit card.

The data will be based on calendar year i.e., from January to December. You shall be expecting the YESOC together with January 2012 monthly statement.

Inactive Card

All new and replacement credit cards that is sent via courier will be deactivated effective January 2012.

For activation of card: Please follow instruction on the sticker that is placed on top of your card.

Please click here for steps on how to activate your card via and the FAQs


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