Annual feesVISA/MasterCard

Ordinary Card
• Single card
• Dual cards
• Supplementary card

Gold Card

• Principal card
• Dual cards
• Supplementary card

Annual fees
• RM60
• RM90
• RM30 (each card)

Annual fees
• RM130
• RM195
• RM65
Cash Advance Fee & Interest ChargesVISA/MasterCard (Both Classic and Gold)5.00% from the withdrawal amount or a minimum of RM18, whichever is higher
18% per annum from day withdrawal till full settlement
Card replacement fee  American Express Charge & Credit Card, Visa and MasterCard
Card replacement fee of RM50 for each card replaced due to:

• Lost/ Stolen Card
• Card details disclosure to third party
• Request change of new Card number
Interest RateVISA/MasterCard (Both Classic and Gold)1.25% - 1.50% per month
Commission on cash transfers from credit card to current account, saving account, etc through ATM 5.00% from the total amount or a minimum of RM10 whichever is higher
18% per annum from day withdrawal till full settlement
VISA Gold Card
Emergency Cash
Contact Credit Card Centre for particulars provided by VISA Travel Service Centre

Emergency Card Replacement
Contact Credit Card Centre to relay the particulars provided by the Cardholder for information of VISA Travel Service Centre




* The commission/fees will be imposed by the Credit Card Centre.
** The Malaysian Goods & Services Tax (GST) will be imposed on all fees/charges charged by the Bank to our cardmembers where applicable effective 1 April 2015 at the current prevailing rate.

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Changes to your interest rate, late payment charges and interest-free period

Effective 1 June 2013, Maybank has revised the interest rates/*Actual Monthly Management Charge and late payment charge for its credit cards as per below :

1. Interest rate

The quantum of interest rate charged for repayments starts from a minimum of 15% to a maximum of 18% a year. The interest rate charged will be determined based on the customer's previous 12 month's repayment period from the implementation date as follows:

Repayment months out of total 12 months
Interest rate charged on outstanding payment
Per month
Per annum
For prompt** repayment all 12 months
For prompt repayment 10 out of 12 months
For prompt repayment less than 10 out of 12 months
* Payment is tracked over 12 consecutive months
** Defined as having paid at least your minimum payment amount on or before your due date

2. Late payment charges and interest free period

To further encourage prudent financial management, the following revisions will be effective simultaneously:

Late payment charges
If the minimum payment is not made by the payment due date, a late payment charge will be levied at 1% of the unpaid retail and cash advances/withdrawal transaction outstanding balance, subject to a minimum of RM10, whichever is higher up to maximum of RM100
Interest free period for retail transactions
No charge for 20 days from statement date if you have paid the full amount of your previous month retail transactions.
If you opted to pay partial or minimum repayment of your previous statement account, the finance charges on your unpaid retail transactions will be calculated from the day the transaction is posted to your card account.

The above revision is only applicable to customers with outstanding balances in their credit card statement.

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