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Effective 15 April 2016, the following revisions will take effect for Maybank Credit Cards and American Express Card:

Maybank reserves the right to revise the Maybank Card Benefit, fee & charges as
and when it deems necessary, with 21 days prior notice.


Who can apply?

  • Malaysians with a minimum annual income of RM30,000
  • Expatriates with a minimum annual income of RM60,000
  • Principal cardholders: those between 21 to 65 years old 
  • Supplementary cardholders: 18 years old to 65 years old


Required documents

Please include the following with your application form:

  • Copy of NRIC (both sides) or Passport, including that of supplementary applicant's 
  • Latest BE form with official tax receipt
  • Latest 2 months' salary slip 
  • Latest 3 months' savings account activity/current account statements
  • Latest EPF statements

If you are self-employed:

  • Copies of Business Registration 
  • Latest 3 months' Bank Statement

If you are an expatriate:

  • Letter from employer confirming duration of employment contract in Malaysia
  • Note: You must be a Maybank account holder


Fees & charges

  • Annual Fees - not applicable
  • Sales draft retrieval fee: RM15 per copy sales draft.

The Malaysian Goods & Services Tax ("GST") standard rate will be changed from six percent (6%) to zero percent (0%) effective 1st June 2018. Click here for further information


Click here for the Maybankard Manchester United Visa Card Product Disclosure

Click here for the Maybankard Manchester United Visa Card benefits

Click here for the Maybankard Manchester United Visa Card Agreement



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