What is EzyCash/EzyCash-i via Maybank2u?

Maybank EzyCash/EzyCash-i via Maybank2u is offered to existing Maybank Credit Card Principal Cardmember with available credit limit. The facility is drawn from Cardmember's existing credit limit and converted into an instalment plan.

One-time fee of 3.88% of the approved amount is charged upfront as cash advance fixed fee for EzyCash/EzyCash-i 6 months repayment.

Cash Advance Fee of RM100 on each approved transaction for EzyCash/EzyCash-i other plan
What you have to do is just follow the easy steps as per below:

  1. Log in to Maybank2u

  2. Select Account & Banking

  3. Select Transfer

  4. Select EzyCash

  5. Follow with 4 easy steps

Value proposition

  • Convenient way of applying via Maybank2u
    Providing variety of transaction channels at the convenience to Cardmembers.
  • Online approval and immediate disbursement
    Cardmembers can get approval and disbursement immediately.

Repayment rate

*One-time Cash Advance fee applies for each approved EzyCash application.

General Terms and Conditions

  • Maybank EzyCash/EzyCash-i via Maybank2u is open to Principal Cardmembers only.
  • Minimum amount is RM2,000 and maximum amount is based on the available credit limit.
  • Cardmembers can draw up to 90% of the available credit limit.
  • Cash will be credited to your Maybank/Maybank Islamic Savings / Current account immediately upon approval.
  • Subsequent request is in multiple of hundred.

Crediting method

Cash will be credited into your Maybank/Maybank Islamic Savings / Current account (Not applicable for joint accounts). If you do not have a Maybank/Maybank Islamic Savings / Current account, you will be required to open one.

Fees & Charges

  • 0 % Interest Rate with 6 months installment.
  • 8.88% Interest Rate with 12/18/24/36 months installments
  • One Time Cash Advance Fee of 3.88% will be charged on the amount approved for EzyCash 6 months repayment plan.
  • Cash Advance Fee RM100 on each approved Ezycash/EzyCash-i 12/18/24/36 months repayment plan.
  • The fee will be billed to the credit card account following the crediting of the cash.
  • In the event of any delay or failure to pay the Maybank EzyCash monthly instalment, the terms of the standard credit card agreement will apply.

Anything else I need to know?

EzyCash/EzyCash-i via Maybank2u is only available daily from 6:00am to 11.30pm (Malaysia time).

Click here for EzyCash/EzyCash-i via M2U Terms & Conditions

Click here for EzyCash/EzyCash-i via M2U Product Disclosure

The Malaysian Goods & Services Tax (GST) will be imposed on all fees/charges charged by the Bank to our cardmembers where applicable effective 1 April 2015 at the current prevailing rate.


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