Why should I choose TEES?

TEES allows employers to design an easy and flexible protection plan for their employees with a choice of three (3) affordable plans to choose from each category:

  • Term Life (Death & total permanent disablement)
  • Critical illness
  • Hospital and surgical
  • Accidental

What are the benefits?

  • 24 hours worldwide coverage
  • Mudharabah concept
  • Eligibility for tax relief
  • Affordable premium
  • Flexibility in designing your own plan

Can I apply for this scheme?

Yes, if you are a present and future full-time employee of employment or corporation between the age of 18 and 60 years. This is renewable until the age of 65.

How much do I have to pay?

The lowest premium starts at only RM4.80 per person based on the plan.

What are the plans that I can choose from?

Group Term Takaful (Basic)

Death and Permanent (TPD) Cover due to illness and accidental.

Sum Covered (RM)
Plan TT 1Plan TT 2Plan TT 3Plan TT 4
Natural death10,00025,00050,000100,000
Accidental death10,00025,00050,000100,000
Natural TPD10,00025,00050,000100,000
Accidental TPD10,00025,00050,000100,000

Extra Supplementary (Optional)

Option 1: Critical Illnesses (CI)

Payment will be released if the covered employee is diagnosed to have contracted any one of the set of 36 Critical Illnesses.

Sum Covered (RM)
Plan CI 1Plan CI 2Plan CI 3Plan CI 4

Option 2: Personal Accident (PA)

Death and Permanent Disablement Cover due to the accidental causes.

BenefitPlan PA 1 (RM)Plan PA 2 (RM)Plan PA 3 (RM)Plan PA 4 (RM)

A - Accidental death
B - Accidental permanent total disablement
C - Accidental permanent disablement
D - Accidental weekly benefits
E - Accidental medical reimbursement

Option 3: Hospital & Surgical Plan

Reimbursement of hospital charges incurred in respect of hospitalization.

BenefitHS 1 (RM)HS 2 (RM)HS 3 (RM)HS 4 (RM)
Room & board / day (max 120 days)50100150200
Intensive care unit (max 20 days)150250300350
Miscellaneous hospital benefit2000300035004500
Surgical benefit (subject to surgical schedule)2500400050007000
Anesthetist fee30% of surgical fees included in miscellaneous benefits
In-hospital consultation benefit / day (max 120 days)5080110130
Emergency outpatient treatment (acciden only)1000200020002700
Pre-hospitalization specialist consultation250350400500
Pre-hospitalization diagnostic test250350400500
Pre-hospitalization treatment (within 31 days)100200300400
Ambulance fee200200200200
Government hospital daily cash allowance20304050
Emergency sickness treatment (from 12am to 6am)100100100100
Overall annual limit15,00025,00030,00040,000
Separation period for disability is 14 days for the employee and 90 days for the dependant

This web page is neither a takaful contract nor forming part of it. The precise benefits, terms and conditions and other details are available in the Takaful Certificate.
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