The Association of Banks in Malaysia (ABM) and its commercial bank members are pleased to announce the launch of a series of initiatives towards enhancing banking efficiency and customer services under the banner called "PARTNER".

In the first step towards being your better "PARTNER", ABM and its members have attempted to streamline and simplify the processes and procedures of applications for a SME loan. You will accordingly find in this package, a simple loan application form, two checklists and a time line guide on the processing of your application.

View the ABM's Explanatory Notes and Guidelines or "Nota Penjelasan dan Garis Panduan" on SME loan applications

SME Loan Application Form

Our prepared form is designed to enable the bank to get to know you and is divided into 7 main sections as follows:

  1. Background Information
  2. Additional Information
  3. Facilities Required
  4. Credit Facilities with other financial institutions
  5. Supporting Documents
  6. Start-Up
  7. Declaration

Download the SME Loan Application Form or "Borang Permohonan Pinjaman PKS" (PDF)

Checklists of Documents

In the link below, you will find two checklists, the first detailing the general types of documents or information required to be submitted with any application and the second setting out the more specific documents or information required for various kinds of facilities. In this way, you can better anticipate supporting documents or information to be furnished for the purpose of a loan application and re-use the same if necessary. Please be informed however that the checklists are not exhaustive and the bank may have reasons to ask for more or other documents or information.

View our Checklists of Documents or "Senarai semak Dokumen (Lampiran 1 dan 2)" (PDF)

Timeline for SME Loan Application  

So that you can also plan ahead, here is a time line guide which shows you the stages involved in the processing of a straight forward loan application by a bank and the time to be expected. What we mean by a straight forward loan application is one which is for a clean or unsecured loan, not subject to consent from authorities, any other 3rd party or CGC approval or any other particular conditions precedent, for which specific approval requiring time has to be obtained.

View the Timeline Guide for SME Loan Application or "Had Masa Biasa untuk Permohonan Pinjaman PKS" (PDF)

Directory of SME Contact Information

Here, a comprehensive list of SME contact points has been compiled for your ease of reference. Staff at these contact points should be able to help you with any queries pertaining to a new loan application or a loan application which has been submitted.

View the Directory of SME Contact Information or "Direktori Maklumat SME Contact" (PDF)

Alternatively, you can also read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or "Soalan-soalan Lazim"  for more information

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