Available now on the Maybank App, Biometric Login offers you three personalised security features that are unique only to you. It makes banking easier and faster: the brand new Face ID and Voice ID, as well as Quick Touch.

The new Maybank app lets you be you, but with these security features, they will take personalisation to the next level.

Activate Biometric Login today, and you can access all your accounts in mere seconds using your facial points, voice pattern and fingerprint.

How to set up?

Face ID & Voice ID

Step 1: To enrol, go to ‘ME' > ‘Login Details' > ‘Biometric Login'

Step 2:
Enable Face ID & Voice ID and select ‘Agree & Proceed' 

Step 3:
Enter your own phrase in two to three words for Voice ID and select ‘Continue'

Step 4:
Select ‘I'm Ready' to continue.

Step 5:
Follow the on-screen instructions to capture your face and voice. Repeat the phrase 3 times to complete the process.

Step 6: Once completed, select ‘Done' to continue.

Step 7: Select your default biometric login option and you're good to go.


Quick Touch

Step 1: To enrol, go to ‘ME' > ‘Login Details' > ‘Biometric Login'

Step 2: Enable Quick Touch and select ‘Agree & Proceed' 

Step 3: The status screen will be displayed. Select ‘Done' to continue.

Step 4: Select ‘Quick Touch' as your default biometric login option.

You can switch your default biometric login option from your settings.

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Note: Maybank app does not support jail-broken or rooted devices


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