Standing Instruction (eSI) service fee waived

Here's some great news! Effective 2 February 2016, the Standing Instruction service charge of RM2.12 for the following services will be waived for all our valued Maybank2u customers:

  1. Own Account Transfer

  2. 3rd Party Transfer

  3. Payment

  4. Payment to Credit Card

  5. Interbank *

  6. Payment to Charge Card

  7. Reload Prepaid Card

*IBG service charge of RM0.11  still applies.

Steps to navigate to this service

Step 1: Go to ‘Standing Instructions' (Accounts & Banking > Select your account > select Standing Instructions)


Step 2: Choose ‘Service type’ and click ‘Continue’


Step 3: Enter details and click Continue.


Step 4: Request and enter TAC to confirm your details 


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