Effective 7 September 2015, you can view your Trading Statements in electronic version, or eStatement via M2U by accepting the eStatement T&Cs. Once you switch to eStatement, you will also have the option of having your Trading Statements emailed to you.

eStatements are more convenient, secure and easily accessible from anywhere with internet access.

Where do I find my eStatement on M2U?
You will be able to view your eStatement by:

  1. Log-in to M2U

  2. Select "e-Bills and Statements" and then "Statements"

  3. Proceed to click on "Maybank Investment Bank Berhad"

  4. Select your trading account number, statement type and statement date to retrieve your eStatement

Note: For Contract Notes, you will need to accept the T&Cs again. Just follow the steps above and select "Contract Note" under "Statement Type". Click on the "Get Statement" button and a pop-up window will appear to accept the T&Cs. Once you click on the "Accept T&Cs" button, you may view your Contract Note.


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