Maybank2u Biz has added enhanced features for our business customers. The enhanced features are Adapt Enrolment Process and Maker & Checker function that will be available starting from 3rd May 2014.

Adapt enrolment process is a feature that relates to the log in process. It incorporates unique features that display an image with a phrase selected by the user when the users login to the Maybank2u secured site. All registered Maybank2u business customers are required to perform a one-time registration to confirm on the security image and the phrase. Therefore you are required to select the security image and the phrase upon login. Plus you are also required to answer some personalised challenge questions that will serve as further verification during transactions if the situation warrants.

These additional features are an on-going programme to ensure we continuously enhance the services we provide in our internet banking as well as protecting your online security. Thus, the enhanced log in process adds another level of security where there will be a security image before the username and password.

Maker & Checker function on the other hand is to ensure that we provide you convenience in our online banking. In which the Maker function is to create or initiate the transaction and Checker will have the function to approve the transaction. Due to this enhancement, existing and new customers are required to appoint the Maker and Checker. You are allowed to register up to maximum of five (5) Maker & Checker i.e two (2) Maker, three (3) Checker or vice versa or any combination with the total of five (5) users.

As for the existing and new customers, you are required to go to your Home Branch with new complete Mandate Letter for Partnership / Professional and Circular Resolution for Sdn Bhd and also fill up the revised form, and all of these have to be signed by the Directors.

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