Currently, Maybank2u is providing service for customers to transfer funds from their Maybank Account to Tabung Haji account under bill payment. Under this arrangement, Tabung Haji transactions will be processed under the next day batch concept and valued based on the same day the transactions are made.

Latest service

The latest service, Tabung Haji Real Time Payment Solution provides customers with immediate updates on every transaction made as compared to current end of the day batch format.

Services offered under Tabung Haji Real Payment Time Solution are:

  1. Account Inquiry (F.O.C)

  2. Hajj Registration (F.O.C)

  3. Fund Transfer (RM 1.00 per successful transaction)

How to apply?

  1. Customers must link their Maybank Current/Saving account to TH account. Currently the linkage is only through ATM.

  2. Login to Maybank2u and select Fund Transfer.

  3. Under Fund Transfer, select Tabung Haji.

  4. Customers may select balance inquiry, transfer and Hajj registration.

How to link Maybank Current/Saving account with TH account?

  1. Enter Maybank ATM card.

  2. Select "Tabung Haji".

  3. Select " Register Tabung Haji account to ATM card".

  4. Enter Tabung Haji account number.

  5. Select "Yes" to go to next screen.

  6. Enter Tabung Haji passbook serial number.

  7. Select "Yes" for confirmation.

  8. System process your request and slip will be generated.

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