LHDN Payment via Maybank2u is a facility that allows you to pay income tax online to Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri. This service is open to individual and sole proprietor account holders.

You will be able to make Income tax payment for all states under 3 centres - LHDN Semenanjung, LHDN Sabah and LHDN Sarawak. You can also make third party payment and there is no limit to the number of tax accounts you can pay online.

4 good reasons to pay income tax via Maybank2u

  • No need to write cheques
  • Easy online payment
  • Income tax payment for 3rd party accounts
  • Pay at your own convenience

LHDN payment is also available over the counter at all Maybank branches, Maybank Kawanku ATMs and Kawanku Phone Banking.

How to Pay

To use LHDN Payment via Maybank2u, you must have an income tax number and a Savings/Current account.

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