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Please be informed of a revision in Clause 24 of Maybank Gold Investment Account (MGIA) Agreement, effective 23 February 2012. The revised clause is as following:

Maybank Gold Investment Account (MGIA) Agreement - Clause 24



In addition to any general lien or similar rights to which the Bank as bankers may be entitled by law, the Bank shall be at liberty and are hereby authorized and empowered at any time by giving 7 days prior notice to me/us to combine and consolidate all or any of the account(s) (including but not limited to any overdraft, loan, current, savings, time deposit and MGIA) of me/us and/or any one or more of us (in case where the undersigned are more than one person, whether such account(s) is/are in the sole name of any one of us or in the joint names of us or any two or more of us) with the Bank now or may hereafter have and set off any moneys, rights, interest and/or liabilities owing to me/us by the Bank in or under any one or more of such accounts in or towards satisfaction of any liabilities owing by me/us or any one or more of us to the Bank on any other account or accounts or in any other respect including all taxes and any other sums due and owing to the Bank whether such liabilities be actual or contingent primary or collateral and several or joint and the Bank may for the purpose of set-off or combination of accounts at the time of the passing of the entry therefor at the Bank's sole and absolute discretion sell or convert into money all or any of the gold for the time being at the time of the set-off or combination of accounts recorded in my/our MGIA to be owing and due by the Bank to me/us at the then quoted purchase price as provided in Clause 15 above as if a sale order therefor had been placed with the Bank by me/us in accordance with Clauses 12 to 17 herein above. In any event the Bank shall not be liable for any loss caused to the Bank's selves or any third party as a result of its exercising its rights under this Clause 24.

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