A warrant is an option contract which gives the warrantholder the right but not the obligation to buy or sell the underlying asset (shares, basket of shares, index, exchange-traded fund) at a given exercise price before or on the expiry date (depending on the exercise style).

These warrants are listed on the local stock exchange and their values are derived from the underlying asset over which they are listed. Therefore, you can purchase the warrants in the market the way you trade shares.

The six (6) structured warrants to be listed on 28 September 2011 are :

  • CIMB-CP (1023CP)
  • CIMB-CQ (1023CQ)
  • GAMUDA-CU (5398CU)
  • GAMUDA-CV (5398CV)
  • GENTING-C2 (3182C2)
  • GENTING-C3 (3182C3)

For more information, please visit the Maybank Investment Bank's warrants website at www.maybankwarrants.com

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