Late on your loan repayments? Cash flow problems? Don't wait till it's too late, visit your Home branch now to see how the 3R Campaign can help! 

Maybank has initiated a relief programme called the 3R Campaign for Auto & Mortgage loans. This campaign aims to assist deserving customers in Rescheduling, Restructuring and Rehabilitating their loans, to ease their financial burden.

This relief programme will also help customers better manage their loan accounts to make their monthly installment more affordable.

For more information, read our FAQs here:

  1. What is Rescheduling?
    Rescheduling refers to the modification of loan repayment terms where the principal terms and conditions of the contract are not changed significantly, i.e., lengthening the loan tenure and revision of monthly instalments.
  2. What is Restructuring?
    Restructuring is the modification of the principal terms and conditions of the facility, which includes change in the type or structure of the facilities or change to its terms, i.e., conversion of Overdraft to Term Loan. However, costs will be incurred in terms of administrative and legal documentation. 
  3. What is Rehabilitation?
    Rehabilitation is a repayment programme tailored for the customer to regularise the loan account. 
  4. How will 3R benefit the customer?
    • Lengthening the repayment tenure.
    • More affordable monthly instalments.
    • Subsequent loan repayments can be made via Self Service Terminals such as ATMs, CDMs and
    • Blacklist record in the CRISS will be updated to ‘Performing' status.
  5. Is it necessary that the customer submit their request to the home branch only and what are the supporting documents required?
    The customer is advised to submit their request to the home branch and Regional AQMs, and bring along supporting documents, i.e., evidence of income (EPF statement/ latest 3 months pay slips/bank statement/proof of income tax submission) for the Bank's consideration and approval. 
  6. If the customer is self employed, what kind of evidence of income can they submit?
    Bank statements, savings passbook and proof of income tax submission are accepted.

For further enquiries, please contact your Home Branch or the nearest Maybank branch.

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