Dear valued Maybankard Cardmember,

For your online shopping safety, we are enhancing the security features on your Maybankard credit card. This enhancement requires you as a cardholder, to enrol your Maybankard Visa and Mastercard Credit Card for Maybankard Secure Online Shopping (MSOS).

If you attempt to make a purchase at a participating 3D Merchant*, without activating the Maybankard Secure Online Shopping feature, you will be prompted to enrol in order to continue with your purchase. These changes will affect card members who make purchases via the internet starting July 1, 2009.

The security of your purchases on Maybankard Visa and Mastercard is our top priority. With MSOS, you're protected from any liability or loss arising from fraudulent online transactions.

Even if you do not shop online, we encourage you to enrol your cards to MSOS. By enrolling, you'll have an extra level of protection against unauthorised online purchases, just in case your card number is compromised when an unauthorised person gets hold of your card and goes shopping online at participating merchant stores.

Kindly be informed that you can only choose to register for your MSOS via

Registration via M2U

* If you have already registered for the Maybankard Secure Online Shopping (MSOS) feature on your Maybankard, you may proceed with your internet purchase. If you have not registered for the Maybankard Secure Online Shopping (MSOS) feature, please click here to register.

Learn more about Maybankard Secure Online Shopping or view MSOS FAQs

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