• Death and Total Permanent Disability benefits
  • Withdrawal allowed, subject to a minimum of 1,000 units and a minimum balance of 5,000 units
  • No bid/offer spread, hence no initial upfront charge
  • Managed by professional fund managers

Who is eligible

  • Malaysian citizens/Permanent residents aged between 18 to 65 on next birthday

Table of benefits

Initial fees None
Withdrawal charge (based on duration premium has been
Switching Yes, after first year, 1 free switch per policy year, thereafter RM25
Insurance coverage Yes
Insurance charge None
Sum assured

The Death benefit (up to age 85 yrs) will be the greater of:

1. the Account Value (i.e. value of the units at the unit price after notification); OR

2. the Face Amount (i.e. 125% of the Single Premium plus the Top Up less Withdrawals); OR

3. Minimum RM5,000 per Policy Holder

The TPD benefit (before the age of 60) will be greater of Account Value or Face Value only.

Surrender charges Same as Withdrawal Charges above
Note: The performance of the funds are not guaranteed, as the unit prices will fluctuate with movements in the value of underlying assets. The value of the policy to the investor could be less than the capital invested. Past results are no guarantee of future performance

Funds profile

With Mayban Linked Invest, you have the opportunity to match your investments to your risk appetite. Select the fund that most suits your investment needs.

Stable Fund

Download latest Fund Factsheet (PDF)

Objective: To protect your capital by investing mainly in very safe assets such as cash and fixed-income securities. Suitable for investors with a low risk profile.
Annual fund management fee: 1.00%

Balanced Fund

Download latest Fund Factsheet (PDF)

Objective: To give you a well-balanced mixture of safety and capital appreciation by investing in a roughly equal mix of cash/fixed-income securities and high quality equities. Suitable for investors with a medium risk profile, with longer-term investment horizons.
Annual fund management fee: 1.25%

Growth Fund

Download latest Fund Factsheet (PDF)

Objective: To give you worthwhile, long term appreciation by investing mainly in high quality equities with good potential for growth. As a buffer, the fund also invests in cash and fixed income equities. Suitable for people with long term investment horizons (i.e. more than ten years), who are seeking higher returns and are willing to tolerate the volatility of the equity market.
Annual fund management fee: 1.50%

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