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Own accounts 

Transfer funds between your own Maybank accounts. You may transfer funds immediately, or choose to transfer funds at a selected future date.

3rd party accounts

Transfer funds to other Maybank users' accounts (3rd party) up to a maximum of RM30,000 per day. You may transfer funds immediately, or choose to transfer funds at a selected future date.

Automatic e-mail notification
For added security and convenience, you can opt to send an immediate email notification to the recipient. This applies to immediate 3rd party funds transfers only.

Also, it's good to e-mail, phone or fax the recipient to ensure they are aware of the funds transfer.

3rd party account maintenance
This function allows you to save the account details of relatives and friends to whom you transfer money regularly, so that you don't have to key in the account number every time you transfer funds. You can save up to 20 accounts and update or delete the account details.

Enquiry/Cancel Future Transfer Status
All your outstanding future transfers are recorded in a table. You can check on pending funds transfers and cancel them anytime.

Transaction Limit Maintenance
By default, the maximum limit for 3rd party funds transfers is RM30,000 per day. You may, however, set your own daily transaction limit between 1 sen to RM30,000 maximum using the Transaction Limit Maintenance function in M2U for online transfer and at the ATM for ATM transfer.

Quick registration

It's now that much easier to register a 3rd Party account as a favorite! You can choose to add your favorites using our Manage / Add Favorites function, or just perform a Quick Registration. Just follow the instructions below:

  1. When making an Open 3rd Party Transfer / Open Future 3rd Party Transfer, just click on the 'Add as Favorite List' link to register the account as a favorite.

  2. Enter a TAC.

  3. Click 'Confirm' and the account will immediately be added to your favorite list*.

* You can have a maximum of 50 favorite 3rd Party accounts in your favorite list


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