Effective 1 May 2006, a new charge mechanism will be levied on all negotiation or confirmation of Letters of Credit based on the issuing banks and the issuing banks country standing and rating. This is to adopt risk-based approach to charging for negotiation of documents drawn under Letters of Credit or confirmation of Letters of Credit.

These charges of risk premium will be an additional charge on top of the existing charges for negotiation of Letters of Credit and will replace the existing charges for confirmation of Letters of Credit.

Risk Premium is based on the following:

  • Issuing Bank Risk
  • Country Risk (Political and Economical Risk)

Quantum is divided to 4 categories

Risk Level 1 Min. of 0.05% per month based on the LC amount 
Risk Level 2Min. of 0.10% per month based on the LC amount
Risk Level 3Min. of 0.15% per month based on the LC amount
Risk Level 4Min. of 0.20% per month based on the LC amount

The above risk premium is only applicable when Maybank takes the risk of the issuing bank or confirming bank. Documents purchased against customer facility limits will not be subjected to these charges.

For further clarification please contact the following personnel.

  • En Sazurrudin - 03-20748132
  • En Mahmud Lot - 03-20747469
  • En Krishna Kumar - 03-20748693

The Malaysian Goods & Services Tax (GST) will be imposed on all fees/charges charged by the Bank where applicable effective 1 April 2015 at the current prevailing rate.


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