• Linked to a Unitised Investment Plan (UIP): annual upfront interest from your fixed deposit will be credited to your UIP account from day one while leaving your capital safe
  • Potential investment growth from capital gains of your UIP Funds
  • Guaranteed return of your FD principal in good and bad times
  • Hassle-free investment managed by professional fund managers
  • Flexibility in choosing how your money is invested via funds switching
  • Partial withdrawal of your UIP funds allowed from the second year onwards
  • Clear, transparent and timely performance reports
  • Protection through life insurance cover that increases every year
  • Insurance benefits are tax-free
  • Tax relief on premiums paid
  • 24-hour worldwide emergency rescue service
  • Cash awards for your children for their academic excellence (public exams)
  • Credit facility for personal and business needs

Funds available

Who is eligible

  • Malaysian citizens/Permanent residents aged between 18 to 60
  • Joint account - maximum of 4 persons
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