Online Stocks

  1. Trading and Settlement

    3.1 How to perform buying and selling shares via online stocks?
    At the top of Live Quotes you will notice the Buy / Order/ Sell bar. These features enable you to do your online stock transactions.

    1. Click on Buy (the green button) to place order.
    2. On the pop-up screen, type in the quantity of shares you want to purchase.
    3. Type in your desired purchase value, or select one of the predefined values in the dropdown list.
    4. If you have more than one trading account. Select the appropriate account from the dropdown list.
    5. You may click on the OK button to send the order.

    Login to Online Stocks and select "User Guide" > "Trading" for more information on these features.

    3.2 How do I view live quotes? To view live quotes:
    a. Click Online Stocks in the left menu after login.
    b. The Welcome to Online Stocks page will be displayed.
    c. Click on Live Quotes to view the price quotes.

    3.3 How do I get confirmation of my trade order?
    You can check whether your trade order is pending or matched by viewing your Order Status on screen.

    3.4 Can I create my favourite stocks watch list?
    Yes. Login to Online Stocks and select "User Guide" for more information on these features.

    3.5 Can I make payment via other banks?
    Payment to Maybank Investment Bank Berhad can be made via the following banks:

    BanksKuala Lumpur & Mutiara Damansara Branch Ipoh Branch
    Public Bank3143-0592-153143-0593-12

    *Please indicate your client code & contact number at the back of the cheque. Ensure you bank in the cheque to the right Maybank Investment Bank branch account where your trading account is being maintained.

    For payment via the Maybank account, please indicate your client code and/or contract number under the Reference column. Please do not bank in via the Maybank Cheque Deposit Machine (Scanner version).

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