eShare Application

  1. Can I apply for eShare Application if I have a sole proprietor/business account?

    Online IPO application through is available only for Savings or Current accountholders with individual or joint personal Maybank accounts.

  2. Can I apply for an IPO online if I am residing overseas?

    The Association of Banks Malaysia (ABM)'s mandatory requirements for online IPO applications stipulate that the applicant must be a Malaysian citizen residing in Malaysia.

  3. Can I apply online using another CDS account number, e.g. my family and friends' accounts?

    If you submit an application using another CDS account number, it will be rejected by MCD. The regulations require you to use your own name and CDS account for an online IPO application.

    Note: It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that his/her particulars in the records of the financial institutions such as CDS no. (mandatory), name and I/C no. are accurate.

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