Maybank Share Trading / Margin Financing (Maybankinvest)

  1. Account

    2.1 Who is eligible to apply for Maybankinvest?
    Malaysians and foreigners (from Singapore and Brunei only) aged 21 years to 65 years old.

    2.2 Can I apply for a Maybank Share Trading account via
    Yes, you can. Login to with your Username and Password. Select Online Application. Then select Non-margin Facility. Type in your personal details and then "Submit". You will be notified by our Investment Share Executives, once your application has been approved.

    2.3 What is the minimum financing amount a customer can apply under Maybank margin financing?
    The minimum financing amount is from RM50,000.

    2.4 What are the collaterals acceptable for Maybankinvest?

    2.5 How and where to open CDS and trading account?
    Please refer to your nearest Share Investment Centre.



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