eStanding Instruction

  1. How can I make periodical funds transfers/payments if the amount fluctuates all the time?

    You are advised to use future funds transfer or future bill payment if the amount fluctuates all the time. However, if the amount is fixed or doesn't change frequently, eSI is more convenient for you.

  2. Can I create an eSI to make periodical funds transfers from Maybank to other financial institutions?

    Yes, you can set eSI for Interbank Funds Transfers to participating financial institutions. The fees are free for eSI funds transfers within Maybank and RM0.11 (including 6% GST) for interbank transfer (IBG)

  3. What is the maximum amount for eSI funds transfer/payment?

    There is no limit for periodical funds transfers to own account(s) and payments to selected payee corporations. For periodical funds transfers to 3rd party account(s), the daily accumulated amount must not exceed RM3,000.

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