LHDN Payment

  1. What is LHDN Payment via Maybank2u?

    LHDN Payment via Maybank2u enables you to pay your income tax to Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri through Maybank2u.com.

    Payment can also be made at Kawanku ATMs, through Kawanku Phone Banking and over the counter at all Maybank branches.

  2. Who is eligible to use this service?

    The LHDN Payment via Maybank2u facility is open to Individual and Sole Proprietor Internet Banking account holders. You can make payment from your Personal Savings and Current Accounts.

  3. How to make a LHDN payment?

    After your income tax returns have been completed and sent off by mail or e-filing, you can make payment via Maybank2u.com, Kawanku ATMs and Kawanku Phone Banking.

    1. Payment via Maybank2u.com
      Here is a step-by-step guide to pay online:
      • Login to Maybank2u.com
      • Select Accounts & Banking, then select "Bill Payment"
      • Next select "Make an income tax payment"
      • Select the Corporation Name: LHDN Semenanjung, Sabah or Sarawak according to your tax centre location.
      • Enter your Income Tax file number excluding alphabets.
      • Select From Account to make payment and enter the following information:
        • Payment Code
        • Assessment Year
        • Instalment Number
        • Amount
        • Click "Next".
      • Finally, enter your TAC and select "Confirm" to make payment.
    2. Payment through Kawanku Phone Banking

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