imteen Account

  1. What do I need to bring to open an imteen / imteen-i account?

    You and your parent/guardian will need to go to the nearest Maybank / Maybank Islamic branch along with all relevant documents i.e. your birth certificate/IC and your parent/guardian's IC and other supporting documents to verify parentage or guardianship. The parent or guardian will need to sign an Indemnity Letter with RM10 for stamping fees.

  2. Can I open an imteen / imteen-i account with my parents?

    The imteen / imteen-i account cannot be opened jointly or In-Trust with parents or guardians. It must be opened on your own.

  3. How do I perform my banking transactions with the imteen / imteen-i account?

    imteen / imteen-i is a passbookless account — transactions are done without a passbook. You will receive a Maybankard Bankcard (ATM) card which you can use at any Maybank ATM, Cash Deposit Machine or Cheque Machine, with access at over 1,500 ATMS around the country and even more access via PLUS networks both in Malaysia and other countries. You can also use your Maybankard as a debit card at participating merchants. You also have online access to imteen Internet Banking Facilities via

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