Wealth Management

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  • Unit Trusts

    A unit trust is a pool of money managed collectively by professional fund managers.

  • Structured Products

    Products that are commonly used as a portfolio enhancement tool to increase returns while limiting the risk of capital loss.

  • Dual Currency Linked Investment

    Dual Currency Linked Investment (DCI) is a short term non-principal protected currency linked structured investment which offers opportunities for yield enhancement.

    Key info:

    Minimum investment:
    RM50,000 or its equivalent in foreign currency

  • Bull Equity-Linked Investment Note (ELIN)

    A yield-enhancement product that offers you opportunities in a range-bound market.

    Key info:

    Minimum investment:
    *However, for individuals with net personal assets exceeding RM3 million or its equivalent in foreign currencies, or non-individuals with net assets exceeding RM10 million or its equivalent in foreign currencies, an investment amount of RM50,000 can be accepted.

    Potential yield:
    Up to 20% p.a**
    **Potential yield depends on underlying and market conditions

    Investment tenure:
    14 days or 30 days***
    ***For tenure outside this range, please contact us
  • Bonds/Sukuk

    Bonds/Sukuk in Ringgit and foreign currencies are available at Maybank Premier Wealth Centres & Lounge.

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